Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Bread Shop

On the last Thankful Thursday post, I talked about a cheese bun.  This is a little more on where we found them!

In Songdo shopping district, we discovered a tiny bread shop crammed with delicious things right across from the bus station where we return to campus.

That's really all of it.  Some ovens are on the wall, right behind the tray
of breads to be displayed and plucked by hungry customers.

I bought this, a bun which we originally thought was corn and cheese.  Upon further inspection, it resembled yellow pickled daikon, but when I bit in, proved to be sweetened chestnuts and cheese.  A little more expensive than usual (buns are typically 500 to 1000 won each, about 50 cents to a dollar), but delicious!  I ate half of it on the bus ride home...

Wrapped neatly in plastic.

And the rest of it for breakfast the next day :)

It was soft bread, exactly like that made in Chinese bakeries in San Francisco, and the ones I remember from Hong Kong.  The chestnuts were probably preserved, sweet as they were, but still flavorful.  I don't know what kind of cheese was on top, but it was salty and very buttery, perhaps a type of mozzarella with a little more pungency.  It paired well with the sweet chestnuts to make two satisfying and tasty meals.  

There will likely be still more reports of the bread shop to come as I explore its variety :)

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