Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Digestive Biscuits

So, I realize that Digestive Biscuits doesn't sound the most appetizing of snacks.  My dad even made fun of them once, actually, joking that they were digested biscuits...  But despite their interesting name, translated from the Chinese, no doubt, they're actually one of my favorite foods.  I first encountered them as a child, as they had been one of my mum's favorites as a child, too.  She grew up with them on Hong Kong, but they are difficult to find (and a little expensive, for snack biscuits) in the U.S.  In Korea, there's another brand, and they come in cute little boxes with individual packets inside.

Hmm, portion control...

I'm more used to seeing them in tubes.  But no matter what type of packaging, they're always a wonderful snack.  Partly whole-wheat (14%, in this case!), they're surprisingly tender and crisp.  Instead of crunching, they shatter between your teeth, leaving you with a mouthful of slightly sweet, barely salty and flavorful crumbs.  I'm eating some right now, actually (guilty smile).  They resemble graham crackers, but softer, less sweet and so, so, so much better.  I'm not sure if they're actually nutritious, but they are absolutely delicious. In a rare second picture, here they are, out of the package.

Great for snack, dessert, breakfast, or simply just because...

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