Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer at Brookhaven National Laboratory

This summer, my access to an oven will be limited, at best. I will be living at Brookhaven National Laboratory from June through August, working full-time as a research intern at the Center for Functional Nanomaterials. The kitchen in my building has a nice electric stove, a toaster and an interesting microwave that functions as an oven some of the time, but alas, my pans were all packed up and sent home. My plans for the fall have taken a 45-degree turn, and I will be attending graduate school in a different school than I originally intended, but it will still be within driving distance of home (9 hours...?). Unfortunately, this means that BNL, being about 30 minutes from my undergraduate institution, will need to fly me home. One of my goals this summer is to plan my food such that none of it is left when I fly home, carrying all that I own in two suitcases. As a result, there will be limited baking. However, there will be some cooking, which I might mention if it's actually any good. We'll see. 

In lieu of a sad food blog detailing vegetables with garlic and various starches, I have decided to start yet another blog, similar to the concept behind There and Back Again (which I never completed, ahem. I do intend to do that some day, or at least, put up the pictures). This summer, I am required to write a weekly report for the Department of Energy, who happens to be funding my work (thank you, U.S. government!). I will be posting the contents of my weekly report. The motivation behind this report is also, I do not receive my weekly stipend check if it's not turned in. Very motivating, indeed. Let's see if I can keep up a blog for the full duration of my intent :) Without further blathering on my part (see the irony there?), I present, Summer at BNL

Edit: This blog has, for all intents and purposes, fallen off the face of the internet. While my summer was great, there were too many issues for me to successfully keep up the blog. I'm sorry!