Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thankful... Tuesday?

Cara Cara oranges are indeed sweetly pink inside.

They are also delicious and look like tiny, adorable, brightly orange grapefruits.

Thank you.

(What?  It's my blog, I can be ridiculous if I want :D )

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hazelnut Spiked Hot Chocolate

So, I'm back.  Although my photo (lack thereof) problem has not been fixed, it's time for me to return to the blogging world.  The item that brought me back was not the salted caramel pudding, the cinnamon toast or the spot-on tiramisu, but this, a simple drink that barely warrants a recipe.

Recently, I purchased a bottle of extremely cheap, and not terribly flavorful, hazelnut liqueur.  The brand is Lloyrd's, which I can spell, but can't pronounce.  The original intention was to bake chocolate hazelnut cupcakes.  Even with 3 tablespoons of liqueur in a single batch of batter, there was only disappointment and a consolation prize of perfectly pleasant, but ordinary, chocolate cupcakes.  Still, this bottle was not without redemption.  This recipe was actually my boyfriend's idea, he of the land of 28 inches of snow in a single storm.  It was perfect :)

Hazelnut Spiked Hot Chocolate

1 packet Swiss Miss (or other favorite) hot cocoa mix
8 oz. hot water
½ cashew chocolate candy*
1½ teaspoons hazelnut liqueur (less if you use Frangelico or something more legit)

1. In a mug, drip some of the hot water into the hot cocoa mix.  Stir with a spoon until it forms a paste, then add the chocolate candy.  

2. Add the rest of the hot water, stirring to combine and allow to cool to almost drinking temperature.

3. Add the liqueur and stir. Enjoy!  (Not too drunkenly :P)

*Note: Thanks to Half-Price Chocolate Day, otherwise known as The Day After Valentine's Day, we have a giant box of Russel Stover readily available.  It's typically too sweet for me, but rather popular in the U.S.  Any chocolate can be used, but we like the nutty flavor (of the cashews) and the quick melting of the milk chocolate candy.