Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Study Hacks

I'm deciding to add a new item to my blog posts, Thankful Thursdays.  Based on the idea that Thanksgiving is always a Thursday by tradition, these posts will be brief and mention something that I'm grateful for that day or week.  Thanks to my schedule, these may be the most regular posts my poor blog gets.

I discovered the blog Study Hacks while reading Gluten-Free Girl.  I was directed to Jennifer Lawler's post about her daughter, which somehow, through the archives, led me to this informative and very interesting blog.  The author seeks to discover the secrets of a successful life, and finds several patterns that the most successful students and people tend to follow.  I was inspired by one of the stories and decided to try it, shutting off my phone for two hours to copy over my biofluids homework.  I was mildly amazed that despite interruptions, such as seeing some friends in the library, I managed to finish it all.  I had worked on the problems before and simply needed to redo them on a clean, presentable sheet of paper, but I am also notoriously easily distracted.  

With my biofluids homework done, I'm thankful for this morning.  Despite my 3:15 am bedtime, I woke up at 8:35 am and put some coconut banana muffins in the morning (soon to be posted!), made lunch for two, took some halfway decent photographs of said muffins and wrote this blog post.  For all of those who are gasping at my sleeping habits, these muffins are so worth it :)

This picture was almost accidental.  It reminds me of the photo below, which my dad encouraged me to take.
My dad mentioned how lovely the curve of the oyster shell was, and on a whim I tried to capture it.
I'm glad I did.  Oh, and I'm thankful for good-quality raw oysters.  I love them.

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