Monday, October 3, 2011

Break Post

An unlikely, but yummy pairing.
Sometimes I just really need a break.  I've got 3 homeworks due and a midterm on Thursday with a research presentation due Friday, so I'm starting to stress.  And it's only Monday!  But I've stumbled across a simple snack that's really good, so I'm going to take a break by posting it.  Never mind my other dozen unfinished posts....  Sorry.  I hope that I didn't promise punctuality anywhere on this blog - not one of my strong suits.  

In any case.

I found out that oyster crackers like Nutella!  There are no real oysters in the crackers, just some wheat flour and in this bag, a touch of malted barley flour.  The mild, salty taste agrees with the hazelnut-chocolate flavor and enhances it a little.  Plus, you're eating it on a cracker, so it's not as bad as eating it straight from the jar with a spoon, right?  Right?

Even if the crackers are made with partially hydrogenated oil... >_<  
I'm at school, please don't judge...

Postscript:  Sometimes I do plan for 11:11.  I like wishes :)

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